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Pinterest app icon

When it comes to social media platforms, Pinterest has quickly become a favorite for users around the world. As one of the most popular image-sharing platforms, Pinterest allows users to discover and save creative ideas for everything from cooking recipes to home decor inspiration. But have you ever wondered about the story behind the Pinterest app icon?

The Pinterest app icon is a square-shaped logo that features a stylized letter “P” inside. The logo is a combination of minimalism and elegance, which perfectly reflects the platform’s aesthetics and values. The “P” is a nod to the initial letter of “Pinterest” and has become instantly recognizable among users.

Over the years, the Pinterest app icon has gone through some changes. In 2016, the company decided to update the logo, making it more streamlined and modern. The new design featured a simplified version of the “P,” with a bolder and rounder shape. This change aimed to make the app more visually appealing and recognizable on home screens.

Today, the Pinterest app icon continues to be a prominent symbol of inspiration and creativity. It represents a platform where users can explore and share their passions, discovering new ideas and connecting with like-minded individuals. Whether you’re looking for the latest fashion trends or planning your dream vacation, the Pinterest app icon is your gateway to a world of inspiration.

The Origin of the Pinterest App Icon

The Origin of the Pinterest App Icon

The Pinterest app icon is a visual representation that has become instantly recognizable to users around the world. It is a small square-shaped logo that features a stylized letter “P”, composed of a bold red circle and a white background.

The original Pinterest app icon was launched in 2011, shortly after the company’s founding. It underwent a few modifications over the years, but the basic design concept remained the same. The choice of using the letter “P” was a deliberate decision made by the company to represent its name and brand identity in a simple and memorable way.

Evolution of the Pinterest App Icon

Evolution of the Pinterest App Icon

In 2013, Pinterest introduced a subtle change to the app icon by adding a small white border around the red circle, giving it a distinct visual appeal. This change aimed to make the logo more visually pleasing while still maintaining its recognizable “P” shape.

In 2019, with a focus on modernization and refinement, Pinterest unveiled a new app icon design. The revamped logo featured a flatter and more minimalist design, with a simplified letter “P” that retained the red circle but eliminated the white background. This updated design aimed to provide a cleaner and more contemporary look, keeping up with the evolving trends in app icon design.

The most recent update to the Pinterest app icon occurred in 2021. The company decided to embrace the trend of gradient colors and introduced a subtle gradient effect to the red circle. This change added depth and dimension to the logo and gave it a more modern and sophisticated appearance.

The Visual Identity of Pinterest

The Visual Identity of Pinterest

The Pinterest app icon is an integral part of the company’s visual identity. It is not only displayed on the app itself but also used across various marketing materials, social media profiles, and other platforms to represent the brand. The overall design of the icon reflects Pinterest’s commitment to simplicity, elegance, and creativity.

The Pinterest app icon continues to evolve and adapt to the changing design trends while maintaining its core identity. It serves as a visual cue for users to recognize and interact with the app, making it an essential element in the overall user experience. The iconic “P” has become synonymous with Pinterest and has played a vital role in establishing the brand’s identity in the digital landscape.

The Evolution of the Pinterest App Icon

The Evolution of the Pinterest App Icon

Pinterest is a social media platform known for its visually appealing content and inspiration. Over the years, the app has undergone several changes, including its iconic app icon. The evolution of the Pinterest app icon reflects the evolution of the platform itself.

When it was first launched in 2010, Pinterest’s app icon featured a simple, playful, and slightly retro design. It consisted of a red “P” set against a white background, with a small red circle at the bottom right corner. This icon represented the early days of the platform, focusing on its core purpose as a place for pinning and organizing ideas.

As Pinterest gained popularity and evolved, so did its app icon. In 2016, the company introduced a revamped icon that aimed to be more modern and refined. The new design featured a simplified version of the red “P”, eliminating the circular background. The “P” was now bolder and more prominently displayed, with clean lines and a modern aesthetic. This redesigned icon reflected Pinterest’s shift towards becoming a more mainstream and widely recognized platform.

In 2019, Pinterest once again updated its app icon to align with its updated branding. The new design retained the uppercase red “P” but introduced a subtle change in the placement. The “P” was now shifted slightly to the right and the bottom of the square-shaped icon, creating a more dynamic and balanced look. This update emphasized Pinterest’s focus on innovation and adaptability.

Most recently, in 2021, Pinterest unveiled its latest app icon update. This redesign was inspired by the platform’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity. The new icon features a rounded square shape with a gradient background, transitioning from a vibrant red to a soft, warm orange. The white “P” is placed at the center, which symbolizes Pinterest’s mission to connect people and ideas from all walks of life.

In conclusion, the evolution of the Pinterest app icon is a reflection of the platform’s growth and transformation over the years. From the initial retro design to the current inclusive and modern icon, each update represents Pinterest’s efforts to stay relevant and appealing to its users.

The Meaning Behind the Pinterest App Icon

The Meaning Behind the Pinterest App Icon

The Pinterest app icon is instantly recognizable with its distinct, stylized “P” symbol. But what does this symbol represent? Let’s delve into the meaning behind the Pinterest app icon and discover its significance.

The Stylized “P” Symbol

The Stylized

The main element of the Pinterest app icon is the stylized “P” symbol. This symbol is not just a random design; it has a purpose and meaning. The “P” represents the initial letter of the word “Pinterest,” the name of the platform it represents.

However, the “P” symbol is not just a simple letter. It is carefully designed to resemble a pushpin or a needle. This design choice is significant as it conveys the nature and purpose of the Pinterest platform. Just like how a pushpin holds things together on a physical board, Pinterest acts as a digital bulletin board where users can pin and organize images, ideas, and inspiration.

The Color Palette

The Color Palette

Another noteworthy aspect of the Pinterest app icon is its vibrant color palette. The use of red and white reflects Pinterest’s branding and creates a visually striking presence. Red is a strong and attention-grabbing color often associated with passion, energy, and excitement. It is fitting for a platform that serves as a hub for creativity and inspiration.

The combination of red and white also creates a sense of simplicity and elegance. The clean lines and minimalistic design of the app icon further emphasize usability and user-friendly experience.

The Rounded Shape

The Rounded Shape

The rounded shape of the Pinterest app icon adds to its visual appeal and user-friendliness. The soft curves evoke a sense of approachability and friendliness. They create a harmonious balance with the sharp angles of the “P” symbol, resulting in a visually pleasing and inviting icon.

Symbol Meaning
Stylized “P” Symbol Represents the initial letter of “Pinterest” and resembles a pushpin, symbolizing the platform’s purpose as a digital bulletin board.
Color Palette Uses red and white, reflecting the platform’s branding and conveying passion, energy, and simplicity.
Rounded Shape Creates a visually appealing and approachable icon with soft curves that balance the sharp angles.


What is the Pinterest app icon?

The Pinterest app icon is the small image that represents the Pinterest application on your mobile device or computer screen.

Why did Pinterest change their app icon?

Pinterest changed their app icon to give it a fresh and modern look. The company wanted to update its branding to better reflect its evolution as a platform.

What does the new Pinterest app icon look like?

The new Pinterest app icon is a simplified version of the familiar red and white P logo. It consists of a white “P” on a red background, with rounded corners and no additional details.

How do I get the new Pinterest app icon?

The new Pinterest app icon should be automatically updated on your device if you have automatic app updates enabled. If not, you can manually update the app through your device’s app store to get the new icon.


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